What is PIM?

PIM stands for Product Information Management. The term PIM includes three main categories, processes, data and systems. Each with equal weight to succeed in achieving a true omnichannel experience. All three categories enable a product, market and sales strategy that aims to create a focus for the company's brand and products to differentiate themselves in the market.


Why is PIM needed?

In today's digital world with apps, push notifications, newsletters, ads and more. it creates a noise that becomes like a filter for us humans. Michael Gazzaniga, Professor of Psychology, claims that there are estimates that indicate that up to 99% of all sensory information is filtered out as soon as it reaches the brain *. Furthermore, Gazzaniga believes that the reason that so much is filtered out is because it is irrelevant information.This, in turn, means that the information must be obtained and processed, and must be very relevant to the recipient. In order to succeed in creating relevant information that is homogeneous and that through multi-channel strategy can complement and reinforce the image of the brand and the products, companies must have full control over the process, data and system. 

PIM Processes

Processes are the blueprint along how we work with PIM. Everything becomes so much easier if everyone speaks the same language and sees the same goals. With processes we can define roles, systems, functions and operations. We can also easily identify bottlenecks and possible improvements both in terms of time optimization and quality enhancing aspects. Processes are alive and the documents should be developed in line with the business. 

PIM Data

Data is the heart of every business. Data is the texts, images, specifications, movies and all other data that help create the customer experience. We know that data is important to our customers and to help manage and develop it together with them is a great confidence that we take most seriously. We want all our customers to feel that when they work with their data with us, they can transfer everything around us so that they can concentrate on the important thing: creating customer value.

PIM Systems

To be able to reach customers with the right message in the right channel at the right time, systems and integrations are also needed. It places high demands on us as a partner to identify important systems and navigate the system flora of our customers. With over 30 PIM projects and more than twice as many integrations to other systems, the technical system is part of PIM. We are masters of this, and gladly show the way for it to be done.



We are PIM experts and if you want to know more about PIM, please contact us or read more here.

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*Brain Matters: Translating Research Into Classroom Practice


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