Are you looking to improve your existing, or build a new website for your business? Whether your goal is a simple or advanced site with complex structure and features, see no further. Umbraco combines a very pleasant editing experience for your end users as well as a strong technical platform for your website, at a very low price. We at Sigma are have experience using Umbraco for a varied area of use and would be happy to help you develop your site using Umbraco CMS. Sigma has been awarded Contributing Gold Partner status by Umbraco. 


Appreciated by developers, loved by content creators  

Umbraco is much like a set of Legos, a very fine set of Legos. What do we mean by that? Well, it means that Umbraco is simple and clean out of the box, but provides endless possibilities to form the solution according to your overall business strategy and in depth requirements.  

Umbraco is an open-source platform meaning that the code base is free to download and develop by anyone. Together with a very strong community this creates a huge source of input for product development as well as a range of add-ons to the platform.  

Whether you want to build a straightforward website in order to promote a brand, an event or something else, or create an advanced multiple site e-commerce with language variations and logged in modes etc. Umbraco will support you needs.  

By having a philosophy of being the friendly CMS, you as a user will strongly feel that the content editor experience has been the number one focus of the platform. Umbraco is simple to learn and effortless to use. With the most basic editor experience you will understand how to interact with the system and manage your content without much training at all. In depth training is of course a provided together with an implementation.  

Our solutions built with Umbraco is based on a Best of Breed mindset. By using Umbraco as the cornerstone in the solution we will compile the best set of 3rd party products to create a complete solution that best fit your explicit needs. Such as specialized Search-services or AI (Artificial Intelligence) plug-ins.  

502 567: Number of active installed sites (mars 2020)

221 745: Number of active members in the community (mars 2020)

1211: Known free Umbraco packages available (mars 2020)    

How does Umbraco fit into Unified Commerce?  

With serious research and many years of experience we at Sigma have found the market need for a platform that differs from the large Monoliths. Buying a large suite including a range of features will often cost a lot of money and include services that does not fit into many companies needs. Instead of paying for things you don’t need or use, a system like Umbraco is what you want. Its simple and cheap but very versatile with high capabilities.

Why choose Umbraco?


By its flexible nature Umbraco is the perfect fit for Sigma’s Unifiedcommerce offer and the competence of the platform applies to many fields. Of course, the primary preference being providing structure to your content creation of one or multiple websites, Umbraco could be used for much more. As a headless CMS it also provides full capability of serving other services with content, not just for the purpose of a website. One example being our Unified Communication platform Unified-Communications where we use Umbraco to provide millions of automated messages with structured and dynamic message templates.  

Sigma have experience in building e-commerce sites in Umbraco, using Storm Commerce as the e-commerce platform. Storm is a headless commerce platform, in short, meaning that it has the frontend decoupled from the backend. Where Umbraco fits in perfectly by providing frontend content to the website.

Read about our references here: References We have also built fast and modern sites with inRiver PIM as a 3rd party system What-we-do/Subpages/PIM, feeding the CMS with structured product assortments for brilliant publication of product information.      


As marketing your brand online gets more and more important for the existence and growth of your company, so does the importance of good quality content in order to attract visitors. From our experience of web-implementations we will help you create the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) possible. This is done both through content creation and through the technical implementation of the CMS.

Our implementation of Umbraco will provide you with all the needed tools to an optimized organic search.

  • Automatic creation of one or multiple sitemaps (for several sites)
  • Robots.txt       
  • Automatic canonical tags/redirect to URL's
  • Provide Manual possibility of changing canonical tags from the backoffice
  • Optional meta-title handling    

Cloud or On-Premise hosting?

Sigma recommends Umbraco Cloud solution as way of handling the hosting of the CMS. SaaS and true multitenant means that the service will Always be up to date in terms of versions. Great security measures and support directly from the provider will always be a great option.  

On Premise will give you a higher level of control. If your organization has the requirements of not going full SaaS or Cloud this might be the option for you. An On-premise solution could be hosting in a Sigma hosted environment or in your environment. An on Prem solution does require that Sigma performs the patching and version updates regularly in order to keep the product up to highest standards.    

Sigma is Umbraco Gold partner 2020

Sigma has been awarded Contributing Gold Partner status by Umbraco

We do a lot of accessibility adaption work with the Umbraco platform and to be one of 26 gold partners is truly an honour. “We’ve done a lot with the Umbraco product over the years and it’s given us the chance to support some amazing customers, who have chosen it as part of their digital strategy.

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Go to Umbraco’s own website to learn more:

Umbraco 8

On February 26th, 2019 Umbraco released the version 8 of Umbraco. The most updated version that we would recommend customers of older versions to upgrade to and all new customers to start with.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Refined and updated Dashboard for the users
  • Much improved and standardized multi-language handling
  • Infinite editing - Improved editing experience for content creators
  • Insightful Content Apps – lets you measure, check and learn how your content is being interpreted by customers in an integrated experience.
  • Complete refinement of architecture and code



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