Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial now launches new, an updated site for the classic brand Grabber®. The most important aspect of the project has been to build an effective product search functionality.

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grabber targets both the construction material retail industry, as well as carpenters, construction entrepreneurs, and do-it-your-self consumers who are looking for quality screws and knowledge and inspiration on how to use it. Grabber® is sold at building material retailers. Sigma IT was appointed project partner, and the company's digital agency, Maverick Sigma, first conducted the impact mapping, and were later commissioned to develop the website together with Sigma’s e-commerce unit Unified Commerce Sigma.    

“We conducted impact mapping workshops and user surveys which showed that our users, above all, want to be able to find information about our products easily and quickly”

"Our survey also showed that users would like to find information about which screws to use for what, and how to proceed in different types of construction. In order for a building project to turn out well, it is important to use quality screws and the right screw for the right material. Therefore, we will continue to update the site with different types of tips and instructions in the form of text, image and video.”

Mikael Egidéus, Marketing Director at Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial AB.  

“We recommended Umbraco as CMS for the Grabber site, because it has good support for the information modeling needed to present products. The platform is user-friendly for editors to work in and the solution can be developed quickly. Umbraco has an upward trend in the market, and we are convinced that more people will discover the benefits of this CMS”

Peter Knapp, Agency Manager at Maverick Sigma in Stockholm.  


inRiver PIM, for the Product information

In order for Arne Thuresson Byggmaterial to present their products and manage the information about them in an effective way, they also chose to implement inRiver PIM as product information management application.    

“inRiver PIM is a reputable system for handling product information within the retail industry, and we have extensive experience of implementing and developing the system. Like Umbraco CMS, it is quick to implement and is easy to use”

Adan Hultgren, Business Analyst at Unified Commerce Sigma.

Read more about Umbraco here

Read more about inRiver PIM here

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adan hultgren

Adan Hultgren, Business Analyst Unified Commerce Sigma

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peter knapp

Peter Knapp, Agency Manager Maverick Sigma

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