Sigma implemented a fully automated e-commerce system with ERP, optimized search and user interface.  

Background for Spendrups

Founded for over 100 years ago, Spendrups Brewery is today Sweden’s leading brewery. Spendrups B2B customers from the restaurant industry previously had a simple order portal that no one was using. Their customers preferred to either call or email customer support for placing an order. Spendrups sales personnel was also missing tools to help their restaurants in an easy way. Spendrups therefor wanted a modern, fast and flexible solution that offered more possibilities for interactive sales work between customer, sales and customer support. They also wanted a portal that was inspired by a classical B2C e-commerce site where they could meet their B2B customers in a more personal way. They wanted their customers to be able to shop and order 24/4/365 with a responsive design for all areas, and a shop that fulfilled all their needs, not only orders. Examples of this could be product trainings, guides, or how-to’s. All of this combined, designed to increase the number of orders and simply the process for sales and customer support.

Demands and Implementations

After meeting with several potential partners, Spendrups choose to work with Sigma, and for them to propose a technical solution to their challenge. A pre-study was conducted where Sigma gathered information from interviews with both sales and customers in restaurants, but also by using digital tools such as Google Analytics and Heatmaps. Focus was to find a solution that made the process easier and more flexible for both sales and customers. After the pre-study was finalized, Spendrups realized that they have had a different view of their current e-commerce than what their customers had. They realized that they couldn’t continue with the CMS that they had and understood the potential of building a more B2C inspired e-commerce portal for sales.

Spendrups Challenges:

  • A very regulated industry
  • Wishes to change customer behavior
  • A more sales effective way of work
  • A B2B e-commerce with a B2C experience
  • Incomplete orders
  • Specific customer demands

The Solution Spendrups believe in the concept of ”best-of-breed” and therefor choose a solution based on Storm Commerce and Sitecore.  The integration between these platforms makes it possible to use a lot of the functionality and data that exists in Storm but administrated in Sitecore. The solution also includes an integration with inRiver PIM and M3 that already existed. After the pre-study, Sigma was responsible for the implementation of a fully automated system with PIM, M3, e-commerce and CMS with a optimized search and user friendly platform. This makes an e-commerce system of a very high standard with user interface. Their customers can use the system even though ERP could be off due to maintenance. All products are collected from the ERP with customer unique pricing and assortment and as soon as the product is ready for sales, it appears in the shop.   

”We have implemented an omni solution with Storm Commerce, Sitecore Experience Platform, InRiver Pim and M3. With many smart solutions, the platform is now more user friendly and a more effective e-commerce system. Storm + Sitecore is a stabile combination that we recommend to all companies who have high demands on user experience and e-commerce functionalities.“


“Since the launch, we have seen a great increase of customers each month. This has created a solid foundation were we can be flexible of growing our e-commerce business.”


“This is a very important development for Spendrups and finding the right e-commerce solution for us has been the main focus. Our new e-commerce solution must be able to handle all aspects of modern B2B sales where pricing, assortment and customer segmentation is very important. By choosing a SaaS-solution we can achive all of this.”


Download the full case in PDF here. (Swedish)