What does your digital map and compass look like? Are you ready for future challenges? A digital strategy is a prerequisite for keeping focus on the right direction and goals in an ever-changing environment.

Many companies have lived a long time with their existing business channels, with everything from the traditional store to their own e-commerce and to other external online channels. The problem is that the channels often act as isolated islands. This is where Sigma comes in and answers the following questions:

  • How will the business develop its upcoming business and meet future customer needs?
  • How to develop a scalable business platform that meets the vision and the growth goals that are set?
  • How is the business going to keep up with its expansion without drowning in internal processes and updates of the available channels?
  • The world changes, do you change in line with it?

Through its experience and analytical methods, Sigma can ensure business models, customize contexts and future-proof e-platforms that underpin the company's digital priorities in the future while mapping into the businesses organization. We can also take the temperature of you to see how mature you are in relation to your industry regarding IT support, digital marketing and customer loyalty systems.

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Other service packages on digital strategy

Customer Experience Management (CXM)

It is an overall trend in e-commerce today to support customer travel before, during and after a purchase, using tools in the e-commerce platform. Today, the importance and need for a relevant customer experience that complements the actual commerce function is very large. Standard functionality such as availability, payment and delivery is complemented with relevance and personalization in terms of range, offer and communication. 

The tools end up in a global area called Customer Engagement or Customer Experience Management, and today consist of several different methods and features to strengthen the customer's shopping experience. The most common ones are listed below.



  • Identification and personalization 
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Custom content depending on audience 
  • Custom range depending on customer
  • Feedback about abandoned shopping carts


User Experience design – UX

Today, the customer has the digital power. They follow their minds and can, with a simple click, choose to change their way and supplier. Therefore, as a sender, it is a matter of maximizing the transmission time. It's not enough to just have a good offer and content. When the customer visits you, everything has to flap. 

With knowledge of this, one can wonder, is there anything more important than the customer experience? Optimizing your website from an UX perspective today is a matter of course for the conscious. However, there are more and less effective ways to do it best. 

A successful development project keeps close contact with the intended audience in each phase. Everything in order to, as far as possible, create a positive experience in terms of structure, content, design and functionality. But it is first during the test phase that you can really measure how well you managed. There are great values to win by performing a full-scale UX test and optimizing your investment. 

We can do a number of analysis and testing to improve your UX design and provide your customers with the best possible experience.


Analysis and optimization 

  • User surveys, workshops and interviews 
  • Ethnographic research 
  • Eye movement measurement and observation testing 
  • Customer travel, personas and development of user cases 
  • Access and testing on multiple browsers 
  • Card sorting and testing of information architecture 
  • Lab-, guerrilla- and remote-based usability testing 
  • Independent evaluations of User Experiences (UX) 
  • Diary studies and longitudinal research 

User surveys 

  • User observations and site monitoring 
  • Analysis configuration and administration 
  • Conversion Optimizer (CRO) 
  • Assisted digital strategies and platforms for customer relationships 
  • A / B- and split tests 
  • Content Strategy 
  • Ongoing optimization and support


Being able to offer relevant customer experiences is one of the most important success factors for future companies. If you want to increase the effect of your digital channels, increase conversion, capture the interest of more potential buyers and sell more to both new and existing customers, you need to be relevant. It is about increasing the personalization of your offer and communication in various ways, and there are several digital methods for accomplishing this.

Sigma will help you choose the most appropriate method - whether it's simpler methods based on regular publishing or more advanced calculation methods to anticipate visitors' actions and needs.


If you want to find a way to easier prioritize and speed up optimizing your customers' digital experiences, Sigma can help with a methodology based on best practice from thousands of solutions that are continuously optimized with SBOS. The method provides support to quickly define your strengths based on your technical requirements, the organization's skills and resources for the different roles. It also provides support to identify which opportunities should be prioritized in order to take advantage of the opportunity and the way to go there.

Define your strengths and opportunities and lay the foundation for your digital transformation - in less than 6 weeks.

Customer experience through branding and content

Allow the experience of your brand to communicate, no matter how the contact occurs. When the meeting is imprinted by the same soul, in terms of content and design in digital channels and in personal contacts in the store, conversion and sales increase.

Entering visitors' contact routes to your business and developing a strong branding, content, and campaign strategy, will make your offerings more effective. The result will be marked in number of finishes.

Merge the customer experience online with offline

Open a whole new dimension to the customer experience. Sigma lets your virtual and physical business merge with IoT - Internet of Things. Data collection, measurement and optimization is an important component of e-commerce, but in comparison to the physical store, the ability to gather data and measure has long been limited. IoT allows us to measure physical commerce activities in the same way we measure it on the web today. It creates brand new opportunities for a customized customer experience before, during and after a purchase.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about us or what we do. We look forward to hear from you!