Credible and coherent data is crucial to prevent the business processes from collapsing. Sigma's MDM Self-Assessment tool gives you an idea of the maturity and awareness of your own business.

Mastering your business critical data has always been a challenge. However, today the problem has become much more visible due to cross-functional use of data in multiple systems.

Therefore, you have to acquire the ability to keep track of the data flow through all affected systems, while at the same time being able to focus on relations between separate data objects and how it affects other sources. In short, there is a need to analyse your organisation’s current MDM maturity in order to provide an up-to-date action plan on how to master your business, because being in control of your data is a pre-requisite to achieve your business goals.

Sigma’s MDM Assessment is the first step on your road to a strong and sustainable master data strategy. It gives a visual overview to easily identify and communicate strengths and challenges. The MDM Maturity Assessment Survey helps to evaluate current maturity level and set a vision as well as giving you a tool for measuring the effect on actions taken.

Map your MDM Maturity

The MDM Maturity Model consists of five levels of maturity spread across different disciplines. The level descriptions are kept rather broad to capture the very distinct capabilities related to organisational processes of MDM.

MDM mognadsnivå

The questions and the overall maturity model are based on a work and a paper from the University of Utrecht: Spruit,M., & Pietzka,K. (2015). MD3M: The Master Data Management Maturity Model. Computers in Human Behavior, 51(B), 1068–1076. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2014.09.030.

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How are the results of the survey presented?

Sigma and its leading experts offer an in-depth analysis based on the survey results and a roadmap to ensure an actionable way toward a working MDM framework creating true business value. After you have sent in we will send you your result via mail and if you want to analyse a larger group like your team, division together and/or as well as individuals just contact us on MDMmaturity@sigma.se.