The Retail industry and E-commerce continues to change at an unprecedented rate and as a retailer you have to keep up and develop in order to survive and compete. You need a fast as well as sustainable approach to registering, processing and publishing the right data in different sales and marketing channels, in order to be able to quickly change or expand your product range and to deliver engaging, personalized omnichannel experiences. You need to automize what you can to speed up and structure your data to control it and let it fuel your business.

Stibo Systems Product MDM for Retail is a solution tailored to handle this. PMDM for Retail has an intuitive web-based user interface to facilitate onboarding of products, DAM and publishing in multiple channels while maintaining the retail industry data standards. It also includes a connection to a cloud-based Product Data Syndication (PDS) solution to accelerate data collection from multiple providers, channels, platforms and content service providers. The seamless solution is built on Stibo Systems' industry-leading PIM and MDM platform STEP, with intuitive, preconfigured retail-specific modules, workflows, business rules, instrument panels, data models and user interfaces.

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The PIM Accelerator

Sigma can offer a PIM accelerator in collaboration with Stibo Systems. It is a tailor-made solution to quickly and cost-effectively get a PIM system up and runningin 10 weeks. We have looked at the needs of previous customers, the state of the market, user behavior, and the requirements of buyers etc. and have put together an attractive package where we can guarantee a fully functioning, and valuable solution, configured to your business needs with a predefined project scope and plan. This solution is also a perfect POC or MVP of an MDM system.  

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In addition to project management, test and production environments, workshops, documentation and go live support, the offer also includes configuration of:

  • Ready-to-go data model, classifications and hierarchies based on leading industry standards to ensure correct and effective categorization
  • Pre-defined and custom attributes and groups
  • Built-in workflows for content creation and enrichment, based on an "embedded workflow engine"
  • Intuitive user interface to increase merchandising, data quality assurance, marketing, image processing and inventory productivity
  • Role-based data access and data ownership
  • Language support for English plus another local language
  • Business rules engine to support data quality work
  • Pre-defined references to handle standard use cases
  • Configurable module for working with data quality
  • ERP integration to optimize business processes

Product Data Syndication, PDS

For import and integration of the suppliers' product data, we offer a cloud-based interface in the form of a Product Data Syndication platform. The PDS enables suppliers to map, transform and syndicate data for their products to retail and e-commerce channels, mapped to the retailer's data model. This means efficient workflows for both the retailer and the suppliers to review and provide quick feedback. The solution also enables digital e-catalogues that gives business partners a self service UI to view, filter and download relevant product content.

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The PIM Accelerator – for whom?

  • You have a need to quickly get a PIM solution up and running at a reasonable cost, with the possibility to later adapt and expand according to your needs, and you want a solution that is scalable, both regarding functionality and volume.
  • You want to buy the perhaps best PIM system on the market, but also realize that in the future it would be great if the same system can be used for other master data domains such as customer, supplier, reference and location master data.
  • You want to be able to see when you can get value /ROI from the investment of a new PIM system by knowing how much it will cost you and when you can start using it in practice.
  • You are active in the retail trade and realize that to really be competitive today, an e-commerce platform is not enough. You have to let your product data start working for you and drive your revenue.
  • As part of your MDM strategy, you have decided to buy an MDM system and recognise that the PIM Accelerator would be an excellent Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to quickly get a working solution up and running and that you can adapt further based on your unique needs.
  • You want to kick start your Stibo STEP project and realize that this is the perfect “ramp up” solution - phase 1 for your larger PIM or MDM project.
  • You recognize a good offer when you see it.

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The PIM Accelerator here!

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