Manage your information as a strategic and valuable asset. Being in multiple channels requires a central management of product information so that maintenance and updating costs do not soar. PIM (Product Information Management) involves brief management of information in addition to basic information about the article, information required to attract the target audience, such as images and sales texts.

Sigma is Scandinavia's most experienced consultant within PIM. Our specialists have many years of experience in business development, strategies, implementations, processes and management of the various market-leading platforms. In the solutions, we administer relationships between, and data about, the company's business critical master data such as products, articles, images, files, customers and suppliers, location data, digital and printed directories and classifications, price information, etc.

Masterdata, product data and its relationships are integrated with other systems such as e-commerce, business systems and ESB / middleware. Sigma is a partner with InRiver and Stibo Systems, but also with suppliers of leading solutions within the systems that PIM will integrate with.


Why PIM?

PIM manages processes, responsibilities and product information in a central system, and changes are transferred in real time to the different channels: e-commerce, the web, the directory or, for example, mobile channels. As a result, everyone has the same information about the products, such as texts, images and metadata, by making changes in one place, not on multiple. And also in the correct language.

A normal PIM project pays off quickly by saving about 30% of working hours by managing product information. In addition, competitiveness increases through shorter time to market.


Migration strategy

In connection with the implementation of new systems such as PIM or ERP systems, a migration strategy needs to be developed for migrating data from existing systems to the new master system. In the majority of the cases, the issue is complicated due to the business’ need to continue working in the old systems until the new system is taken into use. We solve this through quality-assured iterative participatory migrations in the projects. Sigma has carried out a number of successful major migration projects and has a well-developed migration strategy, tools, processes and regulations.

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