Unified Commerce provides support and management in the form of Application Management, which includes System Management and Change Management: Unified Commerce provides support and management in the form of Application Management, which includes System Management and Change Management. system management, incident management and further development of your developed systems for the platforms we support. Unified Commerce has been working on proactive management for many years. We know how systems need to be supported to maintain performance and accessibility, now and in the future. We also know that much of the development takes place just in the management phase. Often in the form of continuous further development as the business sets requirements that need to be quickly implemented. 

We are specialists in the platforms we work with in e-commerce and PIM / MDM, but also on our own developed communication platform MCP. We have extensive experience from many different commitments.  

Quality assured application management

Unified Commerce has developed a quality system management process. This allows us to offer you a clear management organization adapted to your needs.

The scope of the Application Management commitment may vary, depending on the customer's needs. What we offer is a clear management organization with team consisting of Project Manager, System Architect / Lead developer and a Business Analyst. In addition, the team consists of developers with different skills, based on your needs. You as a customer’s participate with System Administrator and System Owners. We work in a close relationship, where we become a part of your organization more than just a system vendor without understanding your business. 

We use leading third-party products for case management, code and version management, building support, release management and documentation. All integrated with complete traceability between case and code.

System Management (System Maintenance) includes commitment to lead and monitor the system to ensure quality, maintain access to good expertise on the solution, and trend analyzes and other proactive maintenance work. Ability to report proactive analyzer, system status, enhancements, incidents and more is available for further analysis of your customers. 

Continuous monitoring of the system allows you to find negative trends early before leading to an incident.

Incident management 

Within our Incident Management offer, unplanned interruptions or a reduction in system quality are handled. If an incident occurs, the absolute primary goal is to perform full-time reset as soon as possible. 

We always set up a service level agreement with you, where we can offer a choice between office hours 8-17, extended office hours 8-22 and weekends or services every day, 24 hours a day. 

Choosing service every day of the year, 24 hours a day, we also set demands on the system's uptime.  

Further development

Our Change Management is about further developing your system to adapt the system to future needs and trends. We proactively work with advice to ensure that your business always has the best possible systemsupport. A System Management commitment facilitates further development work and with our developed Change Management processes, we can offer flexibility and efficiency in that work. 

We work continuously and agile in sprint if it is the one that suits you best or in a project form with larger releases. We are flexible and work the way that suits your business best. 

Why choose Sigma?

We always have a close relationship with your customers, and see us as part of your business. We make sure that we understand your business and help develop it. We do not just want to be a distant support, but are partners and advisors in the use and development of the system. 

Thanks to our extensive experience in the system management area, we have developed good processes and procedures. We are quick to embark into your business and get proactive management.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about us or what we do. We look forward to hear from you!