For a few years we have been talking about omni channel- commerce and omni channel- communication. Now is the time to take a step towards letting all channels interact in a whole; a digital ecosystem. We at Sigma call it Unified Commerce.

Unified Commerce involves letting your systems interact so that there is transparency across all channels. All roles at the selling company are given access to a 360 ° view in a common interface tailored to business processes. You can view the same customer information, order information, stock information, product information, prices and offers in all channels.

For your customers, this means that you meet their expectations. They already see your business and all your channels as a whole and expect them to interact and move seamlessly between mobile, web, physical store and customer service. In order to meet customer expectations, you need to tear the walls between market channels, internal systems and business processes. You need a solution that makes Unified Commerce a reality.

With a Unified Commerce solution, your business can also work with hyperpersonalization so that all customers meet relevant individualized interaction and information regardless of channel, and can continue their investigations and purchase process from there, regardless of channel. It's easy to start a purchase on a channel, continue somewhere else and finish in a third channel.

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In our white paper, What do we mean by Unified Commerce? we tell you more about what to expect from Unified Commerce and how it works.

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A supplier with responsibility for the whole

Sigma can deliver everything you need for your digital commerce  and customer dialogue, and we would like to take responsibility for the whole. In this way, we can also create system-based processes that are otherwise difficult to achieve. For example, Transpromo; where we provide you with an effective market channel with the possibility of crossing and merchandising in transaction documents.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a simpler and more efficient management, as well as giving our customers' customers a better experience. We do this by creating Unified Commerce; an ecosystem for digital commerce and a seamless experience for all involved.

The parts that constitute Unified Commerce

The ecosystem we call Unified Commerce consists of different components and systems that we tie together to a whole; ERP, e-commerce and e-commerce engine, web platform (CMS) and product information system (PIM). In the work of tying together the whole, we also work with user experience (UX) design and customer experience management (CXM).

Business Systems - Enterprice resource planning (ERP)

A flexible business system gives you the best conditions for a changing market - now and in the future. At Sigma we work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (former Dynamics AX) is Microsoft's ERP solution for companies that need to predict and manage switches. When it comes to commerce, this unified and powerful solution provide fast impact throughout the chain, flexibility to maximize the potential of a market in development and simplicity to create change - now and in the future.

Your customers are everywhere, and in order to offer them an efficient service, you must be where they are. Provide a custom, relevant, and efficient service - anywhere and anytime on any device. With our service features you can:

  • Interact with the customers in the channel they prefer - through the web, social networking, chat or mobile, with full multi-channel service.
  • Give your employees one single, unified tool for delivering quick and qualitative customer service through a common customer service.
  • Shorten the time responses, raise share of solved cases, and increase customers self-service using a powerful knowledge base.
  • Manage and improve customer qualifications and service level agreements.
  • Enable dynamic management and queue to ensure that service goals are met.

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Sigma are experts in e-commerce and we know which technologies best support your strategy. We can do both the technical bit as well as the business bit, and we help you to relate the e-commerce to other customer- and market channels. We work with a wide range of Best in Class solutions and partners, and thanks to our expertise in business systems, product information systems, etc., we can take responsibility for a functioning whole. Read more about our e-commerce solutions. Read more about our e-commerce solutions.

Product information system (PIM/MDM)

Sigma is Scandinavia's most experienced consultant in Product Information Management (PIM). Our specialists have many years of experience in business development, strategies, implementations, processes and management of the various market-leading platforms. In the solutions, we administer relationships between data and company's business critical master data such as products, articles, images, files, customers and suppliers, location data, digital and printed directories and classifications, price information, and more. Read more about our PIM solutions.

Customer Experience Management and User Experience

It is an overall trend in e-commerce today to support the customer journey before, during and after a purchase, using tools in the e-commerce platform. Today, the customer has the digital power. They follow their minds and can, with a simple click, choose to change their way and supplier. The importance and need for a relevant customer experience that complements the actual commerce function is therefore very large. Working with Customer Experience, Customer Experience Management, and the design of it, User Experience Design, is something that more and more companies do to increase customer satisfaction and sales. Sigma are happy to tell you about several successful projects. Read more about how we can help with UX and CXM.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about us or what we do. We look forward to hear from you!